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Mark Goldstein is a certified human behavior expert

About Mark Goldstein

Mark Goldstein is the president & CEO of the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce and president of On The Mark Consulting Inc., a relationship-building company.

Mark is best described as a “people helper”. He has an intense passion to help others succeed in business and ministry by developing and implementing creative marketing strategies. He has over thirty years of experience in sales and marketing which includes broadcast media, print, home-based, Internet and trade show. Mark holds a Bachelors Degree in Theology and a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling. He is currently completing a doctorate in that same field of studies. As president of the Christian Chamber, his goal is to build business, build community, and build the Kingdom. As president of On The Mark Consulting, he helps individuals and businesses enhance communication, reduce conflict and increase productivity.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Mark’s career began when he enlisted in the US Air Force in 1973. For nearly nine years he served his country while having various tours of

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